Simultaneous Times Vol.3 Out Now!

Simultaneous Times Vol.3 Out Now!

We’re thrilled to announce that the new Simultaneous Times anthology is here!


Space Cowboy Books Presents:

Simultaneous Times Vol.3

Science Fiction Anthology

Sixteen wonderous stories of science fiction by authors from all over the world! From alien invasions to sentient plants to intergalactic travelers, this book has it all. Featuring stories from the 2023 Laureate Award winning, and two-time Hugo Award longlisted podcast Simultaneous Times, as well as stories appearing for the first time, this collection spans multiple generations of award-winning science fiction authors and covers a wide variety of SF styles and themes.

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Stories by: Jonathan Nevair (Indie Ink Award Finalist), F.J. Bergmann (Writers of the Future Winner), Brent A. Harris (Sidewise Finalist), Gideon Marcus (Hugo Finalist), A.C. Wise (Sunburst Winner), Tara Campbell (Robert Gover Story Prize Winner), David Brin (Hugo Winner), Robin Rose Graves (Laureate Award Finalist), Renan Bernardo (Argos & Utopia Award Finalist), Christopher Ruocchio (Manly Wade Wellman Winner), Toshiya Kamei, Todd Sullivan, Susan Rukeyser, Ai Jiang (Nebula Finalist), Cora Buhlert (Hugo Winner), Michael Butterworth (Laureate Award Winner)

With cover art by Austin Hart (Critters Award Winner)

Edited by Jean-Paul L. Garnier


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