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Simultaneous Times Vol 2.5

Free ebook – featuring stories by: Cora Buhlert, Kim Martin, Brent A. Harris, Renan Bernardo, RedBlueBlackSilver, Robin Rose Graves, Douglas A. Blanc, Michael Butterworth & J. Jeff Jones – with illustrations by: Austin Hart, Dante Luiz, Chynna DeSimone, Douglas A. Blanc, & Zara Kand


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 Simultaneous Times Newsletter is a monthly print newsletter distributed through the mail, it is collected here for archival purposes.

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#20 | December 2021

Featuring: Chris Kelso, poetry by Marie Vibbert, and New From the Small Press



#19 | November 2021

Featuring: Christina Sng, and book recommendations from Arley Sorg



#18 | October 2021

Featuring: Holly Lyn Walrath and New From the Small Press



#17 | September 2021

Featuring: Planet Scumm Magazine and New From The Small Press

#16 | August 2021

Featuring: Charlie Jane Anders, F.J. Bergmann, and New From the Small Press

#15 | July 2021

Featuring: Cora Buhlert, and Book Recommendations from David Brin

#14 | June 2021

Featuring: A.C. Wise, Book Recommendations from Gareth L. Powell, and New From the Small Press

#13 | May 2021

Featuring: Tom Purdom, James Clerk Maxwell, and New From the Small Press

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