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Submission Guidelines

We are currently closed to full manuscript submissions.

We are temporarily CLOSED TO SUBMISSIONS for Simultaneous Times due to the high volume or recent submissions. We will reopen as soon as we make it through the slush pile.

We are accepting short story submissions for our podcast Simultaneous Times. We are looking for science fiction short stories in the 500 to 2500 words range. We are not interested in fantasy or horror, sorry. No reprints or simultaneous submissions. Please submit in standard manuscript format – doc, docx, or rtf files only. Please listen to a few episodes before submitting to get an idea for what we do. Use the form below to submit your document. We encourage submissions from all walks of life, and in all types of narrative styles, but we have a zero-tolerance policy towards bigotry, transphobia, homophobia, sexism, and racism. We look forward to reading your work. We pay 2 cents a word.