The Wind From Nowhere

Author: J.G. Ballard

Genre: Science Fiction

Year: 1961

Rating: 6 of 10

This is Ballard’s first, and disowned, novel. For Ballard fans it is an interesting read on account of many of his ongoing themes being birthed in this book: urban decay, nature fighting back, megalomania etc. However, as a novel it feels unfocused and somewhat half-baked. Can’t really blame an author for their first novel falling short, but this book makes for a somewhat uninteresting read unless one wants to explore the genesis of Ballard’s many novels. The main issue with this book is not the scenarios but rather the underdeveloped characters and motivations. The landscapes he builds in this book are vivid and certainly serve as a precursor to his later, and more interesting, novels. Ballard is certainly one of my favorite novelists, but this book leaves something to be desired and I can see why ultimately he distanced himself from this particular work.


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