Desert Oracle #8

Author: Ken Layne Ed.

Genre: Reference / Folklore

Year: 2019

Rating: 10 of 10

Another gem for Joshua Tree’s Desert Oracle. This issue covers possible civilizations of lost races of giants, desert tortoises, Ed Abbey’s Desert Solitaire, new additions to protected lands, bats, and more. As usual it is a well written easy read, at times sardonic, and generally chock-full of facts and folklore of the Southwest deserts. This long awaited issue is a must for desert dwellers and visitors alike. For those that care about America’s deserts and our local history I recommend subscribing to the magazine and listening to the podcast, or if you’re local listen on Friday nights at 10pm on 107.7 FM. The radio program is a perfect sister to the magazine, taking up where Art Bell left off, yet colorfully infused with a healthy dose of the Mojave landscape, coyote howls, wind storms and all. Get your boots dirty with issue 8 of this wonderfully opinionated field guide.


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