Things I Learned From Falling

Author: Claire Nelson

Genre: Memoir

Year: 2021

Rating: 10 of 10

Typically I don’t read many memoirs, but this book happens to take place in my area and I also happen to have had the opportunity to meet the author, both before and after the accident that ultimately led up to the writing of this book. After falling twenty-five feet in Joshua Tree National Park, Claire Nelson spent four days stranded and injured before search and rescue was able to locate her. But this book is about more than just an accident, it is about the vulnerability and fears that plague us all and how we deal with the lack of connection in our lives. The story jumps around from London to Canada, and of course Joshua Tree – painting vivid pictures of the difference in speed between these places, and how the author tried to navigate them while suffering from emotional distress. I think that most people will find this book relatable and see a little of themselves in Claire’s story, and hopefully learn a few things about what to do, and not do, in the desert. The writing style is easy and light and the book was hard to put down. Highly recommended.


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