Simultaneous Times Ep.67 makes the BSFA shortlist

Simultaneous Times Ep.67 makes the BSFA shortlist

We are extremely excited to share that Simultaneous Times Episode 67 is a finalist for this year’s BSFA Awards in the category of Best Audio Fiction.

This episode is a collaboration with Radon Journal and features stories by Jenna Hanchey and Abigail Guerrero, with original soundtracks by Fall Precauxions and Phog Masheeen, voice acted by Zara Kand, Pedro Iniguez, Mark Soden Jr. and Jean-Paul L. Garnier, with theme music by Dain Luscombe. Produced by Jean-Paul L. Garnier.

BSFA members may place their vote at

We are humbled by this honor and would like to thank all those who voted as well as our amazing production team, the Radon Journal Team, and the authors of these wonderful stories! Thank You!!!

Listen to the episode below ↓




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