The Stepford Wives

Author: Ira Levin

Genre: Science Fiction

Year: 1972

Rating: 7.5 of 10

While this book was hard to put down it was also one of the exceedingly rare cases where I enjoyed the movie more than the book. The two do not differ that greatly but the book felt like it was missing something, most likely a fulfilling conclusion. However, the mystery we are left with at the inconclusive ending does add in some ways to the creepiness of the story. The thing that was most compelling about this book was actually a turn off to me at first. The language that it is written in is completely saccharine and devoid of emotion, at first this was bothering me until I realized that the approach was being used as a device to make the reader uncomfortable with the characters’ lack of personality. Overall this is a book of its time and good social criticism of the patriarchy.


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