The Evolution Man

Author: Roy Lewis

Genre: Science Fiction

Year: 1960

Rating: 7 of 10

A silly little fun read. Anyone who has taken anthropology class will enjoy the satirical humor of this story. The books is about the evolution of thought in early humans but takes a sardonic approach where the characters are aware of their evolution and trying to force it to progress. The tale is written in modern language with the characters aware of what period of history they are part of, what countries they inhabit, and what creatures have gone extinct or will do so soon. This approach makes the book somewhat odd because it straddles prehistory and modernity. While I blew through this book and had fun reading it, I cannot say that it was by any means spectacular. If you feel like reading something light and humorous this one will be a good one for you. Not my favorite book but I do always appreciate science fiction that has a sense of humor.


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