Revelation Space

Author: Alastair Reynolds

Genre: Science Fiction

Year: 2000

Rating: 8 of 10

A grand epic space opera. For the first hundred pages of this book I wasn’t sold. It developed slowly and was slightly difficult to follow because of the relativistic time differences between the characters and unfolding sub-plots. But I am glad that I held out and kept reading. Right after page 100 the book started to get more and more interesting. Truly alien cultures begin to emerge and as the sub-plots come together the book gets more and more exciting. I applaud Reynolds for his super creative invention of ancient alien civilizations and a history of the galaxy explaining why we don’t encounter more civilization like our own. The scale of this book way truly immense and included not only great aliens, for instance an intelligent ocean that can absorb your thoughts and connect you with the thoughts of other aliens, but also great action, philosophical implications, and many unexpected twist that I did not have seen coming. I’m looking forward to reading more of his novels and finding out if he always writes on such a grand scale. Recommended for all fans of space opera.


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